Sunday, 15 June 2014


What can I say about C1 If I have always wanted to join it ?
Having been part of these group has greatly enriched my life . Apart from  the vocabulary , active and passive , Grammar, and  all the academic issues  that I have studied , there are things that I would have  never learnt if I hadn´t have the professor I have had .

Learning a language means to pull off layer upon layer of its nature  until  you  penetrate its core and grasp the meaning of every single word , expression, idiom or collocation but,  to do so , you need to learn to think , to read to speak your mind and defend arguments , although those arguments have nothing to do with your ideas and convictions .

Being here has made me feel interested in matters such as politics , history or psichology . Listening to the radio in English or watching documentaries have became a habit .
When I studied 5th course, I have a great teacher , Jacqueline, She taught me how to write , and I still remenber that course as the one I learnt more,.Most of the expressions she taught us are still etched on my memory , they are "real life" things like " going with your guts, mind you, turn a blind eye to sth , you will be better off without...and so on .

In these course , as I said above, I have learnt to think among other many things.
I remenber when we watched  the first movie of the course  entittled "Mountains of the moon " .I thought that it was sad that Speake , who was a great explorer too,  would have been  shadowed by Burton who was  both a charismatic and controversial figure. Emilio also told us that Burton´s wife loved him unconditionallity  and loving like that was a great virtue because most of  us don`t have that ability . I thought  that loving someone unconditionallity was dangerous  since it can lead to a sort of emotional/psichological  dependence ,triggering internal struggles for being yourself.
I also loved " The road from Colonus " by Foster, the improvisation, working on my own , the stories that we had to tell connecting parts and characters, my blog ,and so many things that summarizing them would take me pages .
I honestly think that having been here has been a great experience , I have enjoyed every single minute and even , in my dark days , joining a lesson made my problems fade away for a while.
 I have had the exceptional privilege of having a professor like a Emilio who not only is able to teach us English , but also inculcate us love for learning and abilities for our personal life.
Thank you Emilio for everything I have learnt.,

Here is my stanza.

C1 is not only about the way the wind blows and stars align ,
or how the time stalls when you laugh or whine,
It ´s also about breaking rules and pushing the boundaries
It `s passion and action, the first stone on making a memory .

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