Saturday, 12 October 2013

Are tourists and travellers just two sides of the same coin?

Are tourist and travellers just two sides of the same coin or are they poles apart?
Is a traveller someone who puts a lot of effort into not being considered as a tourist ?  Are not going to museums , following set  itineraries  and being off the beaten track their tactics? Is the tourist just someone, who dressed in shorts and flowered shirt, sips a martini in a holiday resort?

According to the bloggers , there are differences although, strange as it may seem, they are not so striking . Some bloggers lays emphasis on how the journey is lived , what purpose leads us into doing so or how one gets involved . What travelling means for us, it is what  makes the difference.

Tourist is someone who wants to see what has already been discovery , escapes from routine and travels for pleasure , rather than passion. Travelling is a end and the" adventure"  starts when one gets the place . Everything is arranged in advance.

Traveller is someone whose passion is to discover and tries to capture the essence , understand and to interact  with local people . They go deeper than tourists and they became connoisseurs of  lifestyle, food or inner working of every single place they visit. Everything is as important as where you end up.

Other bloggers think that being a traveller or a tourist is a matter of how one is labelled  or wants to be labelled. The idea of being a traveller is over- romanticised  while being a tourist have many negative connotations .


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