Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Malala Yousuf Zai Speech at United Nations 12th July 2013

On 24 th , students and teachers have been called on strike. Because of the crisis and Goverment`s budget policy, both , the number of teaching staff and the amount of money destined to education ,have been reduced.The conditions required to access to a grant have worsened and harden.

Education is a right guaranteed by the constitution and UNESCO.
Education is not only the strongest , but also the only one tool that the least privileged ones have to climb the social ladder and to make class distictions became blurred.

Thousand of children are provided with schooling in our country  every year .Going to school is a routine, sometimes weary.

For Malala Yousuf , going to school is a challenge. Her courage and determination have strengthened in spite of the attack suffered going on  lingering on her memory .
 We are not always fully aware of the privilege that education means for some people, especially , if we stop to think why  someone ,who is just a child , becomes the voice of all the children that cannot be heard and  she  stands up for something that is thought to be a right.

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