Sunday, 9 February 2014

Poverty in the land of plenty :Waterloo Food Bank and Red Cross

Since  WWII ,the UK has never been  needed  a food  aid plan.
 British citizens pay high taxes  on their income which are mostly invest in welfare benefits such as housing benefits, tax credit or income support to name but a few.
Apart from this,  The UK heads the list of the European countries that invest more money in foreign  help , but now , because of the cutbacks ,mainly in public health and welfare,  imposed by Cameron ,his austerity measures and economic downturn , many people between 50 and 6O have to turn to food banks such as Waterloo Bank to have the chance of eating .
Most of them live in council homes , which are not free , on little allowances  from the government , being most of them sick and  not having the possibility of working .Red Cross ha launched the first emergency aid plan for UK since WWII and it is helping Waterloo Food Bank to gather and distribute meals among the struggling  families and  people .
Another added problem  are the serious  flooding ,
  specially in  Somerset , and more rains  and storms are due next week. Many properties in Somerset have been flooded as the river burst after heavy rains. Some citizens start wondering why Britain don´t use foreign aid money to help people affected by flooding.
Some people claim to divert part of the money allocated for  helping  in oversee disasters as it is wh now  Great  Britain which  needs that money .  Brits are well-known for being globally- minded  and  generous people but Cameron policies and misunderstanding about budget are discouraging them. Brits think that the money they pay on taxes is poured into countries with corrupted regimens instead of being allocated  for fear causes.

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