Monday, 3 February 2014

I support this ONG

The ONG I support is " Amigos de los mayors " . It is committed to help our elders , regardless of race, religion, sex or political ideology .

I am interested in helping  the elderly  since they have to deal with loneliness, illness  and social insolation. Most of them have mobility problems which keep them stuck at home . Aging is inevitable and having or not having children , being married or single are not factors which make us impervious to spend our last years  in loneliness .

This organization has its headquarter in Madrid but it is present in countries such as Germany, France or USA.
They organize gatherings , celebrations , parties or their volunteers visit  the elderly at home for some hours since it is focus to lessening the lack of affection and they try to made them feel alive again.

You can help making a donation because just with 20 euros a elderly  person can join a Christmas party and receive a present .
You can also help becoming volunteer . There are many reasons for doing so but the main one is that this is a project which has as central point the friendship between human beings . Becoming volunteer you will learn from people who are a piece of our  history which you cannot learn from the books , you will feel surprised by their gratitude and you became aware of the different social  realities , doing so , you  will  enrich  your  life  and will make you a  better person.

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”
Robert Frost

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