Monday, 10 March 2014

Babette`s Feast ( don`t take it on a empty stomach )

Babette´s Feast is a film based on the story by Isak Dinesen and directed by Gabriel Axel . The movie was also the first Danish film  to win an Academy award .

The film tell us the story of two pious sisters who live in Jutland , a rather isolated village. In their youth ,  they left escape fame and love since they lived under both the  yoke of religion and an authoritarian and unfair father. Time pass by and their father passes away , as their youth does, leaving no trace. The sisters continue their father´s work devoting their life to austerity and sacrifice . One day Babette calls at their door, she is a refugee from the French civil war from which she had to flee otherwise she would have died . She serves the sister for years and the only bond she keeps with France is a lottery ticket she buys all the years . One day she wins  and she decided to prepare  a truly French dinner in honour to the sisters `father . Everybody belonging to the small sects will be there , and it  will also  be someone from the past . Babette´s prepare a sensual and tasteful dinner bathed with different table and dessert wines which  clean taste and bouquet. The textures and smells whet their appetite and loosen their tongues and spirits .

This is an amazing movie not only about food but also about art and life . All of us , without exception, are forced to make decisions during out life, leaving people in the path , sometimes gaining ,sometimes losing . The movie teaches us  that it is never late and life can be surprising in many different ways, even though  when we think happiness is outside our scope.

I highly recommend it since its understated plot makes you never lose the thread and it overlays a subtle depiction of the fears , doubts and anxieties that lurk the human soul.

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