Sunday, 2 March 2014

Neuroplasticity : the habit of being happy

It was Emilio from I first heard about the term neuroplasticity . How  it can  be defined is difficult to say , maybe as the tireless capacity of our brain of learning new habits ,positive and negative ,regardless sex of age .
Most of us lead  a dull life , I don´t use dullness in the sense of dreariness but in the sense of   repetitive  monotony.( I bring this to a halt just to say that this doesn´t happen on Facebook ,over there, all of us , without exception , have found the longing happiness ) anyway ...
Googling , I have found this article about neuroplasticity


There would probably be  hundreds more , but what it calls my attention is that if we really change our bad habits and therefore the worst of us, we are bound to  turn into the person we want to be .
 I personally , lead a strict routine which  makes me  neither happy nor unhappy , in the same way that when I used to smoke I would light a cigarette every time my favourite group sounded or   I sipped at my beer or whatever pleasant activity was that  I associated with smoking, my current habits happen just because I haven`t bothered changing them .

Were the article to be true, would I be able to replace unsatisfactory habits , stop doing things in my usual fashion and learning new ways of being happier or cleverer or making my time fully productive ?
In short , how can new habits be built and could  I create my perfect self ?

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