Friday, 24 January 2014

Wildlife wonders - creatures up close.

Stunning images by some of the world´s  greatest nature photographs  such as Jim Brandenburg , who has a huge understanding about using the light to create emotions, Thomas Mangelsen , or Anup Shah. One of the pictures of this photographer shows a mother tiger and her cub, the photo has a moving story behind as both tigers and the whole family were killed no longer after the photo was taken . The video lets us gaze penguins swimming at high speed , leaving a trail of bubbles , elephants of Botswana so close that you can see theirs tasks stained from the water , polar bears  in middle of nowhere contrasting  the infinite whiteness of  both ,his fur  and polar landscape with the intense red of the blood .
 Intimate and evocative insights from some of the  masters of nature photography . These pictures have been honoured with awards since they not only  shows wildlife from their camera^s  wide  angle lens but also from the passion and emotion.

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