Sunday, 17 November 2013

"As you get older, you don´t get wiser. You get irritable. "-Doris Lessing

Today , the British writer Doris Lessing has passed away . She was awarded the 2007 Nobel prize of literature, among many more.

She wrote about social issues since she was a writer politically committed  She struggled passionately  for  freedom and equality between races,  engaging in Third World causes. Works such as "Memoirs of a Survivor" "The good terrorist" or "Briefing for a Descent into Hell" display her interest in social problems. She refused the title of "Lady of British empire" , awarded by  the Queen Isabel II ,  she stated  that there was no empire . 

Her novel "The Golden notebook" is considered a classic feminist work as it explores the theme of  women`s struggle and conflicts as sex, maternity, or work, besides  others .
Apart from novels, she wrote short stories, poetry and Drama.

Someone in her blog has written ""She helped change the way women are perceived, and perceive themselves" . She probably did so .

“I write because I've always written, can't stop. I am a writing animal. The way a silk worm is a silk-producing animal.”   - Doris Lessing.

  “If someone cracks up, what does that mean? At what point does a person about to fall to pieces say: I'm cracking up? And if I were to crack up, what form would it take?”
Doris Lessing,     The Golden Notebook

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