Monday, 23 December 2013


Yesterday I watched " Shadowlands" .

This film tells the story of C.S.Lewis and  his autumnal romance involving the British writer C. and a divorced American woman named Joy Gresham ,who after a short time he marries .
But, who was C.S. Lewis ?

 He was a British novelist who wrote , among others," Nadia chronicles"and he held an important position at Oxford university , at the same time he gave speeches about God , we see that in the movie. He was raised as a Christian in Belfast when he was born but became atheist at the age of 15 and somewhere I have read a sentence that is supposed he stated " I am very angry with God for not existing " and I believe that this paradoxical declaration of lack of faith , summarizes perfectly the mix of feelings and bitterness of someone who ,without wishing it, has become atheist .
When he met J. R. Tolkien he recover his faith and he became part of the Church of England.

The important thing here is not telling the story but giving my opinion . I reckon that both actors are amazing as they establish a perfect connection and transmit a great deal of emotions through their looks, not only throughout their face expressions but also through the way they look each other. They are able to transmit melancholy, pain, happiness or hopeless and involve us in their inner thoughts and world.

As for the story itself , just to say that is really moving and surprising in its simplicity since is a love story happening in someone`s maturity . I have never thought that love could  be lived and felt so deeply at that age because passion  is commonly believed to be a feature of youthful . Her quite fortitude enduring the pain and her acceptance that she was to die and nothing lasts forever or that ,you enjoy things more when they stop seeming a dream and they become real again, are really striking contracted with his shyness and not acceptance of living his life without her . Watching the movie , I wondered how a human being is able to endure so much pain and go on living because when he cries in the attic you can just feel a lump in your through . How can someone face the vacuum that the death of someone you loved has left ?

During the movie he repeats a  theory , "suffering and pain are God's way of perfecting us, of carving away the wrong parts, of leaving a soul ready to enter heaven" but for his own pain , his theory   collapses because who wants to be perfect at expensive of suffering , especially , when human being are supposed to search for pleasure desperately.

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