Sunday, 8 December 2013

Spaniards in London " Nice to meet you"

Spaniards in London( more than 5000 downloads) is a web serial about the adventures of some Spaniards in London. It looks at  their daily life ironically and deal with problems such as bad jobs, language barrier or cultural differences.
Because of the crisis, thousand of young Spanish have emigrated to London looking for a new start. It is not always easy  to leave your life behind and to be able to adapt yourself to new life conditions. The stories are real and very funny , some of the  situations lived by the characters remind me of some ridicule moments that I myself had to deal with from the very moment I landed there .I had the firm belief that after one year  living there,  English would come to me as easily as Spanish does . How come that didn´t happen ?
 I leave here the first episode as well as the link ;  

I´m totally hooked on it !

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