Monday, 23 December 2013

Syrian refugees struggling at Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a Christian commemoration of Jesus birth , it closes the advent, time of waiting for the arrival of Christmas. During the advent , Christians remember that Jesus came into the world in Palestine some years ago and on Christmas day , they celebrate his birth with a huge feast .
Christmas is also celebrated for a large number or non -Christian around the world since it is a time for being in family , having good intentions and exchanging presents , it could be said that Christmas is a time for being nothing but happiness, it could be...Nonetheless there is not certainty that happiness can be a reality for the Christian living in Syria. 
Christians are about 2/3 of the population in Beirut . They are preparing to celebrate their most important feast while in the streets of nearby villages ancient Christian communities have been caught up in the violence and crossfire.
People blame Islamic extremist for destroying coexistence in Syria.
That is what this report of BBC NEWS shows and states. 

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