Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mandela and me

Mandela´s way has been the last book I have read, a book with   an awful lot of teachings which are well worth  integrating in our daily life if we want to beam proudly.

 When Mandela passed away , I just thought , " Oh, what a pity! " but after reading some biographies and this book from cover to cover  I just can praise him to the skies . It will take  decades , probably centuries until the world give us a new Mandela.. Most of the politician  just milk the system and try to get votes misleading citizens.

There are so many things to praise on  Mandela but if I had to choose one ,well ,better two, I`d choose his perseverance and capacity of forgiveness .

Some weeks   ago , something very important for me" came to a halt ", It has not finished yet ,  but without reason there are not answers , just it  happened .
 My first reaction was to make a fuss , lot of mix feelings and  words  kept going round and round in my head. You feel miserable and lonely ,they switch for  rage , jealousy and desire of revenge .They stir inside you and it is but hatred which propels you within the days .
You  fantasise about thousands of things, most of them the onset of something,   befalling to the person for whom just one word exists: coward ,  word that  used in the vernacular way  means bastard .

You think , "what goes around, comes around" but fate does not work like that (just for Paulo Coelho ). Fate is rather devious  and it does not understand about celestial justice.  It gets pleasure from creating hideous situations , hence I busied myself with wallowing in self-pity. Then, I read Mandela´s way .

Mandela  spoke about being disciplined , which, in my case , meant to move on . He also  said  there is always both , and that means that the reason behind any action is not always clear " humans are complex creatures and people have a myriad of motives" and thinking like that , teaches you that the answer is not always at hand since it can be many answers and motives that I am not able to understand . If you think like this, you are able to forgive , and doing so , you realise sadness  is a normal reaction  and the hole that a loss leaves  will be filled in and it will get smaller with the time until disappear , but it is pointless feeling jealousy or self pity as they will finish eating you up. Mandela spoke about finding your own garden , a place where you can lose yourself and find yourself and haste often leads to error and misjudgement .

In short, I have "used "Mandela as my spiritual guide to find peace, and to learn that someone like me , an impassioned and impatient doer has to  try to understand that there are times that acting less means to reap something more valuable . It is discipline what helps you to push things in your direction and learning from adversities we became stronger  and grow. It´s no use crying over split milk.

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