Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stephen Frears vs. Ken Loach

Philomena is the new film directed by the controversial , innovate and daring director Stephen Frears (The Queen, The Deal, Dangerous Liaisons)

Philomena” is one of a number of films this year that could be submitted to the Golden Globes as either a comedy or drama, starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan and based on true events , the films tells the story of Philomena, a Irish Catholic, who was forced to give up her son to the nuns .She became pregnant when she was a teenager and sent to a convent in Ireland . She is obliged to work long hours in the laundry and later she is forced to sign a contract agreeing not to look for his son , his three years old son was sold a wealthy family for pounds.
When she is seventy , she meets a BBC correspondent , Martin,who becomes interested in her story and convinces her of telling her story . They travel to the States looking for her son. Martin  is atheist and cynic, Philomena is a devout  Catholic who keeps  faithful to church in spite of all the suffering and pain inflicted.

The contemporary history of Great Britain has been portrayed by Stephen Frears and Ken Loach . Both director show a gloomy and pessimist vision of Thatcher Government , a period marked by strikes, terrorism  and unemployment . Both director have focused on the working class  and its daily struggles. Ken Loach gives voice to ordinary people , those people who are not allowed to speak and nobody wants to listen to . His films are realist and portrays those aspects of life and industrialization that exist but we don´t see. If  Ken Loach´s films are labelled as social realism, Stephen Frears` films are studies of the modern Britain , his characters are varied and he portrays Britain and its citizens ,all classes of conflicts and themes. 

A example of the way that this directors tackle some controversial subject could be noticed in these two fims : "Fond Kiss"  by Ken Loach tackles a contemporary Romeo-Juliet form of love story but this time it is not the class difference but the difference of ethnicity that is the obstacle. The author tells us something that is part of Britain daily life , a society whose main feature is multiculturalism.

Dirty Pretty Things (Stephen Frears, 2002) takes a crime-thriller narrative style on the African and Turkish asylum seeker working in a hotel who happens to get involved in a syndicate of human organ trading within London. Ken Loach´s  movies transmit a gloomy sensation that linger on some days . Some Frears ` movies make you laugh , or recognize a situation that are commonplace. Different styles and points of view to tell us a story that could happen to anyone( who was British , better said, English)


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