Sunday, 27 April 2014


Some days ago a friend told me he considered  songs as the new poetry . Serrat voiced Miguel Hernadez`s  pain and grief and as his voice raised and dropped  we also mourned Ramón Sijé´s death .
Leonard Cohen turned in poetry his bittersweet  Hallelujah and his biblical references and comparations take us to the soul of a man who has been overthrown by a earthly desires and left  alone with nothing, but a sad Hallelujah.

Some songs are poems , some just meaningless words . Music embellish poetry but poetry is still poetry without music although what you feel when you read it is bound to your inner life .  I do not read too much poetry , I am  much keen on reading novels  but  when I used to do so , either because it was compulsory or because my curiosity  I  enjoyed myself  with poems without puns of too much metaphors . I consider the coldness and indifference of someone you have loved more literary  moving  or touching  that love . Happiness or Beauty are not my cup of tea. Some years ago , I read a poem entitled "Elegy written in a County churchyard " by Thomas Gray . There is a stanza that goes " some mute inglorious Milton here may rest / some Cromwell guiltess of his country´s blood (...)  It was a poem which made me think since it  tell us about Death  I how life goes on while you from your grave comtemple that life that does not belongs to you anymore and how sometimes what makes a poet or a writer is the chance, and the person who is buried will never have the chance of showing the world how talented he could have been if someone had given that opportunity .

Writing poetry means bare your soul and baring the soul is more difficult than bare the body . All the poems imprinted on the book and read during the poetry perfomance are part of their authors inner life how they feel and life different situations , the voice of the reader , and the music during the intervals made  the atmosphere that cosy than some of us lingered for a while hoping to have a little bit more . Everything was very tidy , being at the same time natural and relaxed , and Emilio´s short  speeches acquainted us with the topics and background.

I am not either  an expert on literature or a great reader of poetry , and I believe that you like more one poem than another  is sometimes something  personal ,maybe because of your situation or maybe because of the  the way it is written , I couldn´t  exactly say  what the reason is.
"Time to go, lady Death" is the poem I would choose if I had to choose one . It is very visual and I guess she has gave words to the fury, fear and desperation that a human being can feel seeing helplessness how someone is wasting away.

The performance was great and  everyone did his best . I would like to congratulate my class mates on their staging and to thank Lola for  reading my poem so well ,impregnating it with emotion  and strength .

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