Thursday, 17 April 2014

Saffron against depression , purple tomatoes to prevent oxidation .

Depression is one of the greatest evil of XXI century . According to the recent reports  , about 121 millions of people worldwide suffer from  some form of depression , (, hence the use , or abuse , of antidepressants has gone up at alarming rate .

Antidepressants can be useful but they, as many other medicaments, have side effects , some of these undesirable effects are : weigh gain , anxiety , constipation or insonmia . One extremely common side effect that afflict people who is on antidepresseants  is sexual dysfunction .

Trying to avoid the adverse reactions , people and laboratories have started to seek other alternative treatments without the unwanted side effects .

( ...)Scientists randomly divided 30 depressed patients into two groups. They gave 30 milligram capsules of saffron 3 times daily to one group. The other group received 100 milligrams of Tofranil® 3 times daily.(...)Just 6 weeks later, the saffron dose was declared to be equally as beneficial as Tofranil® in the treatment of mild to moderate depression. Next, scientists compared the potency of saffron extract to the antidepressant Prozac® (fluoxetine ) .

In short , saffron extract , is safer and "equally effective" against depression. Some companies have commercialized  saffron capsules mixed with  magnesium  and B6 vitamin ( both of them famous for boosting  mood and resilience to stress). Afran by Narvalpharma or Optimis by Aquilea are some of the names under which the capsules of saffron have been commercialized in Spain .

  It is time for  us to turn our attention to another issue, " Purple tomatoes to keep cáncer at bay " but still exploring the  same topic , Health .

(...)The  pigment called anthocyanin which is thought to have anti-cancer properties,
found in particularly high levels in berries such as blackberry, cranberry and chokeberry, have been shown to help significantly slow the growth of colon cancer cells. They are also thought to offer protection against cardiovascular disease and age-related degenerative diseases. (...)

People rarely eat these fruits since they are both seasonal  and  quite expensive  fruits while tomatoes are quite affordable and widely  eaten  . According to British people,  were the use and sale of   purple tomatoes to  approve , they would  boost  the quality of our ketchup and pizza and ,therefore our health .

Personally ,  I am not able to see the point in stuffing myself with  ketchup made from purple tomatoes , after a while sprinkling all my meals with it ,I don´t think the doctor gives me a clean bill of health .

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