Friday, 18 April 2014

A sad Goodbye to García Màrquez

This morning we woke up with the this piece of news . Although it was something expected, he suffered from Alzehimer´s , the announce has come as a surprise .
There is no much to say which haven`t been said yet since his death makes the  front pages and headlines . Presidents and ministries pay homage and the world literatura is in mourning .

Garcìa Márquez and José Saramago are my favourite authors in Spanish language , and although I am not a expert on the subject, I consider García Márquez as one of the  best  writers using the Spanish  language . It was at High School  when I  I read him  for very first time and although the reading was compulsory I finished the book the same afternoon that it fell into my hands . His words are able to create numerous feelings and landscape and to turn  the impossible and magical events into daily facts . In his work, the livings and the deads,purity and lust live together, characters are condemned to solitude because of their inability to love  , the patriarch never finishes dying and the colonel waits for an allowance which will never get.

One of the most famous García Màrquez `s quotation says "one person doesn´t die when he should but when he can" I think he should have never died , but although the human being has passed away his work will remain eternally.

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