Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What Freedom looks like to you?


Depending on where you  live , where you were born or what your living or working  conditions are , freedom means what thing or another .

Suppose you are living under the yoke of tradition and unfair family commitments , as was  Eveline in the Dubliners , then Freedom means to be able to set free from that "asphyxiating" love moral or protection .

Were you to be ill , Freedom would be define as being healthy and being able to do things that you used to do.

You can also set free from addictions which kill your hopes .   If you live in a country devastated by the war or famine,when you free your mind and imagination there are no fences that restrict  you  from living or finding a new life.

This video shows different opinions and answers ,  from all ages ,all nationalities ,all languages.
Freedom for me is not to have timetables or  money troubles that my phone doesn´t sound and taking a plane or being somewhere very far away from your daily life.

What is freedom for you ?

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